Henry Sy’s Keys to Success

Who’s Henry Sy? Is he rich and successful? If so, why talk about him? Why not just relish on the successes of Donald Trump of The Apprentice or Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Nebraska?

Henry Sy has inspired millions of people from the Philippines and around the globe because of how he built his business empire; how he created the “malling phenomenon” and transformed the shopping experience in the Philippines.

Henry was born in China. Poor and desperate at age 12, his family migrated to the Philippines to seek greener pasture. Initially, he set up a small retail store as he aimed for a better life. After World War II, he opened a few shoe stores. Inspired by his early successes, he started Shoemart retail store in 1958 and later department stores.

Through perseverance and hard work, he gradually expanded his stores to malls to capture a bigger market. When he planned to build the first mall, many people including bankers and businesspeople thought that it wasn’t a good idea especially that Philippines was then going through crisis. But he followed his vision and his first mall was a huge success.

And now, Henry’s companies own major banks, a real estate business, and several huge malls in the Philippines and in China. In fact, three of his malls in Metro Manila belong to the top 10 largest malls in the world.

In 2008, Forbes Magazine named him as one of the world’s billionaires and the richest in the Philippines with $3.1 Billion net worth. Wow! Not bad for someone who started with almost nothing.

What are Henry’s secrets to success?

Teresita Sy-Coson, Henry’s eldest daughter who runs his many businesses, revealed his success formula. In one of her speeches (printed at Philippine Daily Inquirer, Sept. 2004), she stated Henry’s 14 success strategies: 1. Leadership 2. Integrity 3. Vision 4. Focus 5. Passion 6. Hard work 7. Perseverance 8. Optimism 9. Confidence 10. Discipline 11. Organization 12. Mission 13. Social responsibility and 14. Recognition of opportunity. Do you have Henry’s qualities?

Below, you’ll find questions on Henry’s success secrets. Read each of them carefully and provide your honest answers.

On Leadership

Are you willing to be different? Are you willing to establish a brand that represents who you are or that shows how unique your business is? Are you willing to make the necessary and yet painful decisions to help your business?

On Integrity

Can people trust you? Can you trust yourself? Do you mean what you say and say what you mean? Do you walk the talk? Do you keep your promises?

On Vision

Do you have a long-term plan? Do you see yourself or your business 15 years from now? Or 50 years from now? Have you weighed the necessary steps to achieve your goals?

On Focus

Are you fully focused in achieving your dreams? Do you make the effort to ignore distractions? Do you tactfully deal with people who waste your time?

On Passion

Do you have the burning desire to succeed? Do you like to savor success despite the hurts, frustrations, and losses? Are you passionate about what you’re doing?

On Hard work

Are you willing to give extra hours to pursue a sale or to create a better product or to improve your work? Do you give your best effort in advancing your business or your cause?

On Perseverance

Do you persevere against all odds? Do you stay the course despite the negativism in your community or problems in your family? Do you feel encouraged to do better by your losses and failures?

If you respond yes to all these questions, then you have what it takes to be a success like Henry Sy.

Source by Michael Rayel

Jaci Rae-My True Love Story

My name is Jaci Rae and this is my true love story. When I first began "serious" dating, everyone was supposed to be "the one." At least that's what everyone told me. 'He's the one for you.' 'When are you two going to get married?' 'Has he popped the question yet?' What many people never saw was the inner turmoil of the relationship and the way the man treated me behind the scenes.

Society sees single people as sad and alone, yet whenever I was in a relationship, I was deeply alone. However, the undergoing current of feeling lonely when I was in a relationship was much less when I was single, only now I had the added value of feeling rejected, too. Why? How could I be alone when I had "the one" sitting next to me and how, when I was single and alone, could I feel less lonely than when I was with "the one?"

Other questions constantly raced through my mind such as: Was I always the wrong person? Why was not I ever Mrs. Right?

To give you more insight into me and how I ended up in a string of wash out relationships with men who broke my heart and my bank account many times you need a little understanding about my background.

I grew up poor with the added feeling of being very unwanted. I lived in a house that was not a home, filled with drug addicts and predators and I was the child with a key around my neck. My Mom was not home much because she had to work to support two children as a single mother without child support so I grew up feeling very restored and alone. Do you see the pattern?

Do not blame my Mom for what happened to me. If it had not been that way, I would not have grown up to be who I am today. My brother succumbed to the drug life by the age of seven and I said no. There but the Grace of God go I, really. I grow up with my older brother seeking me out for help and guidance, and calling me Mom most of the time.

His escape at a very young age was drugs and alcohol and mine was food. Either I did not eat at all, acting out my anorexia or I ate ravenously, something I still struggle with today. Food was the only thing I could control in my own life and the way I learned to punish myself for being so "bad." Why did I think I was bad? My reasoning as a child was; If I were a good girl, no one would harm me. Therefore, I must be very bad and I was being punished for being so.

By the age of eight, I started on a journey to discover why these men bought to harm me and why I was so ugly, stupid, fat and horrible. I ravenously read every book I could find at the school library during lunch, and magazines at home. Once I was older and had a job (age 12) I bought books and music, even though I needed clothing and food more. It started me on a journey that has not stopped; my love of what makes people tick and how relationships work or do not.

Let's move to events that are more recent. With all my education and studying, I still ended up in the "wrong" relationship. Why? I had changed my pattern, or so I thought. I picked people with different backgrounds, different careers, different education levels, different socio-economic backgrounds and different looks. What was wrong? I always seemed to pick the man who would treat me the worst. The "good" ones only wanted to be my friends.

During that time, I was bought after by friends and family, and people who were referred to me to help them understand theirselves and their relationships. Why was I able to help them and not myself? I knew the basic rule that I must love myself before anyone else would love me, but I knew that I could never love myself. I was too ugly. Too fat. Too stupid. In addition to any other horrible adjectives I could throw at myself. So I hid myself even further.

The laws of attraction that most of us have heard, but practically no one adheres too, rule over me. I only attracted those that would hurt me the most because I spent most of my spare time hurting myself mentally with words and physically with food. I had not changed the way I felt about myself, so how could I expect the men in my life to change the way they treated me?

One day, while I was sitting with my then-boyfriend a revelation came over me. The words I had read about, studied and preached to others hit me full in the face. I deserve better and I am not junk. This man, who had been a dear friend for years, was my boyfriend now and he was horrible to me! He was a great friend but sucked at the boyfriend gig.

As I sat in the room with a bunch of NFL people, I realized many of these men and women needed to score points with themselves and their "loved" ones and not just put a show on so others thought they did. That's when the title, "Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life One Touchdown at a Time – How to Score For Men and Women" came to my mind.

At first, I thought writing this book. How could I possibly mix football and love? I was not even a huge football fan! However, once I sat down to do so it came out quickly (I learned a lot about football along the way!).

The next step I took to write the book was to interview men and women on the street to find out what their thoughts were about relationships and what made them crazy in them. A year and a half of research later I started the real journey of self-discovery. I was not the horrible, awful, ugly person I believed deep in my soul I was. I was a kind person who struggled with her weight, but that did not mean I did not deserve the best.

It was also at that point that I realized I was much happier being single than being in a relationship and I started to practice the self-love I always talked and wrote about. For two years, I wrote and I was happy – actually actually. People would stop me on the street just to say how much I glowed. It was amazing.

They say love comes when you least expect it, and that's what happened to me. It was during my time of happy singleness, that I met the man who would turn out to be my soul mate. We talked for hours and I mean truly talked. I had never really had such in-depth conversation with anyone!

Neverheless, I ran scared. A month later, I was in a relationship with a man who was fun but a player. After a month with him, I realized what I was doing and headed as fast as I could in the other direction. I called up the other man and we went on our first date. He was kind and sensitive (gorgeous to boot) and he even sidestepped me from doggy poop on our hike.

We sent the entire afternoon and well into the wee hours of the next morning just talking and laughing. However, when I left him for my car I knew I was not going to date him. My mom called me the next day and asked me how the date had gone. I told her what a wonderful time I had and how wonderful he was. I then stated firmly, "… but I am not going to date him." She said, "oh … how sad."

Something clicked inside me at that moment and I turned around and said, "No way! I am going to date him." And that's just what I did. In that instance I made a choice (and you can too) to change my dating pattern. I was going to go for the man I was not attracted too. The man who did not have the element of "danger," which is what seemed to be undering in all the other men I had dated.

That was nearly two years ago and I am still totally in love as he is with me. We literally spend almost all of our time together (we work side by side as well) and while we have occasional disagreements, we always apologize. We are a normal couple after all! He really is the most incredible man I have ever known.

So what changed and how can you change your life so you can attract the one person that will treat you like gold? I go over that a lot in Winning Points With The Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time (Simon and Schuster – Fireside). Despite the title, this book is for both sexes and is not all about Football. While I do use football language in the book, it's not a football book per se.

But the crux of it is this, first your must make a decision to love yourself and treat yourself with respect and second you must make a decision to change your life, which includes your love life. It's that basic. No one can give you a magic pill or potion and no words can change anything in your life until you make a decision and commit to yourself to change.

A final word … is my life perfect? Nothing is perfect, but I am perfectly in love. Do I still struggle with my self-esteem? Yes. It's like any addictive behavior. When you are added to self-abusive behavior, it's something you must keep in check. However, I do love myself and I do not talk to myself as I used to. I also believe I deserve love and respect.
Do I still struggle with my weight? Yes. That disease will be a life-long struggle. Just like an alcoholic, I have to take it one day at a time.

I encourage you to work towards the best relationship that you deserve. Read, study, but most of all learn about you and affirm yourself. I wish you a great journey in life, love and happiness.

Thank you for reading about me and my life. I hope it helped you in some way gain a better understanding of yourself and perhaps take a step to start changing your life and the way you are loved and love. Blessings, Jaci Rae

Source by Jaci Rae

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Liposolve – Removing Fat Through Injections

Liposolve is a fabulous word, much nicer than FatMelter. But that’s exactly what this relatively new cosmetic procedure does: it melts and then burns away excess fat in your body, so you don’t have to.

Liposolve has the potential to take the non-invasive cosmetic surgery world by storm, overtaking liposuction in the fat-busting stakes. How? In a nutshell, it works by injecting a potion of fat dissolving medications into the body, which makes the fat melt and eventually disappear completely.

How it can accomplish this feat, however, is under discussion. Its makers say it evolved from a recipe made in the 1950s of largely homeopathic ingredients that are completely safe. Skeptics say it is made largely from a fat-dissolving substance called phosphatidylcholine, along with other ingredients not mentioned on the label.

Whatever the case, some say it’s a new miracle cure, others say it’s dangerous. It has not yet been approved by the FDA, although plastic surgeons who use Liposolve have complained that’s simply because the FDA approves only products, not procedures. While some Liposolve veterans have a fantastic experience with it, others say there are complications – including lumpiness that never goes away – and persistent pain in the area.

“I had injection to my love handles and abdomen a year ago, and in both area I’m flabbier then ever before,” wrote “franny 318” recently on a cosmetic surgery site. “Also, I have hard nodules in my stomach and lower back that simply will not dissolve. It was a big mistake and I wish I never did it.”

In fact, some medical professionals say that the term Liposolve is used to describe any one of a number of fat-busting cocktails, including a naturally produced “human compound”, that are injected into the skin to melt fat away, and that as a result, it is completely unregulated. So tread carefully – or you may step in something you wish you hadn’t!

A Liposolve Journey

Having Liposolve injections isn’t all that fun. Here are the steps involved:

1. After an initial consultation with the practitioner, you will be taken to the clinical area where the site will be numbed.

2. The practitioner or physician will inject you with Liposolve, angling the needle under the skin to distribute the contents. Fat is then released into the body’s bloodstream, where eventually the body burns it away.

3. Once you have the injections the area becomes red, swollen and hard – supposedly that means it’s working.

4. Massage the swollen areas on a daily basis to break up the nodules and have them empty out.

5. After a few days, these side effects will disappear. However, you may experience diarrhea – especially if you had injections in the abdominal area. And some people throw up after every treatment, while others experience flu-like symptoms, feeling as if they had been “run over by a truck”.

6. You will need at least four and up to eight treatments for it to work to maximum effect. Treatments must be at least several weeks apart, preferably at least four weeks.

Please note that some people have experienced an allergic reaction to Liposolve. You should have an allergy patch test at least 48 hours in advance – insist on one!

Areas that can be treated with Liposolve include:

* tummy

* love handles

* back

* face (including double chin)

* arms

* butt

* thighs

Be aware that Liposolve is intended to treat stubborn, smaller areas of fat that will not disappear through other means. If you have large areas of fat that you want to go away, try liposuction – or perhaps a spot of diet and exercise!

Reported Advantages of Lipsolve

* Sessions are much shorter than liposuction, taking on average about 15 minutes

* The result is much sleeker than results with liposuction, which can leave skin lumpy and bumpy.

* Liposolve is non-invasive, and the downtime is much shorter

* Compared to liposuction, Liposolve is much cheaper, costing anywhere from $300-$500 on average per treatment

* Reported Disadvantages of Liposolve

* Compared to dieting, Liposolve is more expensive

* Is not FDA-approved, and can be dangerous as you don’t really know what you’re getting inside those tiny syringes

* Can result in persistent pain in area

* Area treated can become – and remain – lumpy and bumpy

* There is always an infection risk when you break the skin open

Many people who visit medical spas to take away excess fat and cellulite have considered having liposuction as a way to melt away those stubborn fatty areas. Liposolve promises an alternative to liposuction that appears less-invasive, cheaper and with a shorted down time.

In a nutshell, Liposolve is a type of mesotherapy – or specialty that targets stubborn, problem areas with micro-injections of various concoctions. But does it really live up to its promise? Do the research yourself, find a clinic you like and decide – never have a treatment where something is injected into your body without doing all your homework first!

You might save a lot of time – and money and even physical and mental distress – by investing in a proper diet and exercise program. And if there are still areas of stubborn fat that cling no matter what – learn to live with them! Now there’s a novel idea…

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your health care provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate medical professional.

Source by S Matthews