Best Steroid Brands That Are Present On The Market

Whether you have made up your mind to start using anabolics, or you just want to get some information about them, you need to be aware of some of the best steroid brands that make them available in the market. You will get complete details about them here.

How Many Brands Of Steroids?

At present, there are over 100 steroid brands operational in the market, including Trenbolone, Sustanon, Anavar and others. You can easily get information about them over the web due to their immense popularity. However, there are certain brands that have not received any reviews over the last few years. Steroid use is prohibited in many countries like the US, EU and Russia (except Mexico). That being said, you are still allowed to buy limited amounts of anabolic steroids but only if a doctor prescribes them to you. Law enforcement agencies discover and seal several hidden steroid laboratories on a regular basis from time to time, but these laboratories are often replaced with new labs with different names. Therefore, several new brand names keep emerging that are operational in the industry for several years, but they only have a new name taken simply for the purpose of illegitimate operation.

When it comes to best of steroids, what you want to buy is the one that shows extraordinary anabolic effects without causing any significant side effects. The steroids that are most popular in the market may not be necessarily the best ones. The best steroid can be identified only after personally using it and experiencing its effects. Effects of the same steroid can different from one athlete to the other. Thus your choice largely depends on your personal experience. Due to this, even if you choose the best claimed steroid available in the market, there is no guarantee that it will provide you best of results with no side effects.

What Are The Best Steroid Brands?

Here are a few steroids brands that are considered to be best in the market.

Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals

One of the most reputed pharma companies in Iran, it has been operational since 1965. Initially, German company Shering was the owner of the company, but in 1981, it turned into an open and independent joint stock company. Their androgenic and anabolic steroids are very high in quality, and they price their products reasonably as well.

Anfarm Hellas SA

Founded in 1967, this is a reputed pharmaceutical company that is headquartered in Greece but with presence in 75 countries across the globe. Being a European Generic Medicines Association (EGA) member, it is connected with several research centers in the US and Europe. Producing more than 450 products, they are still improving their research and technological processes to manufacture products that meet international standards of quality. 20% of the company’s annual working capital is dedicated to research and development and production improvement. Clomiphene is a major product by the company that is highly popular among athletes.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Established in 2007, this is a Moldova based company that has recently become very popular among athletes. If you browse through the company’s website, you will find around 120 items in their product range that are good to be used by athletes as well as by ordinary people. This company holds all the required licenses and documents, and it is a legal factory that also enjoys GMP standard. Products manufactured by this company are legal, good in quality and reasonably priced too. When you search over anabolic steroid forums, you will find a large number of positive reviews as opposed to only a minor percentage of negative reviews. Most negative testimonials you find about them are about receiving fake products which they often buy from fraudsters. Apart from producing high quality products, the company is always functional against forgery. They use unique verification codes for the purpose. If a customer is suspicious about a product, he or she can check for it on the company’s website using the code.

British Dispensary

Being operational since 1892, this is one of the oldest drug manufacturing companies in the market. Having started with just an undersized pharmacy store, it has now become one of the most popular drug manufacturers among athletes. Headquartered in Thailand, it was not involved in the manufacturing of anabolic steroids right from its beginning, since steroids gained popularity after mid 20th century only. The products they manufacture are high in quality and reasonable in price. However, it is not so popular in Moldova, as most of their products are targeted for the Asian countries, especially China.

Golden Dragon

Functional in the market since 2012, this is a China based company that follows GMP standards of production. Mainly targeted at the needs of athletes, their product range consists of all the products required for athletes of all levels. Equipped with top-notch equipment, qualified experts and best quality ingredients, they are involved in the production of steroids that are best in quality and renowned in the Chinese market.


Being operational since 2007, this is a bio-pharmaceutical company that is involved in developing products with human growth hormone. It is a licensed company holding GMP standards of production. The products manufactured by the company are high in quality and are available in oral as well as injection form. Their website says that they completely redesigned their product packaging in 2016 to counter the fake NeoLabs products available in the market.


This is a reputed pharmaceutical company based in the Netherlands. It produces a wide array of medicinal products, including anabolic androgenic steroids. With several factories situated in the US, China, Germany, the UK, Germany and others, they manufacture products for research purposes as well, such as ORG-25935. They came up with insulin in 1923 which was their first product in the range.

PharmaCom Labs

Founded in 2006, this is a Moldova based pharmaceutical company highly popular among athletes and sports people. After changing its structure in 2012, its product range now contains over 40 high-quality drugs, including anabolic drugs, prohormones, human growth hormone and others. In 2014, they changed their product design and introduced check-codes to ensure authenticity of their products and prevent fraud. If you are suspicious about a product that you purchased, you can log on to the company’s website and check the authenticity of the item using the code. Their drugs are renowned to contain the active ingredient in high content, such as Nandrolone Decanoate, Testosterone Enanthate, Sustanon 250, that consist of 600mg of the active ingredient in a single ml of fluid.


Established in 2001, this pharmaceutical company is very popular among athletes. They produce medicines not only for humans, but for animals as well. This is also a legally registered company that has all the required licenses and certificates along with highly qualified experts.


Looking at so many brands available in the market, it’s not easy to decide on one. One trick is to select the steroids that most athletes use. Usually, the steroids that you find in the markets have mild effects, however those available in the black market are stronger anabolic drugs, but they are illegal and can be harmful to your health. Unless you are an athlete by profession, you should try to perk up your fitness with natural supplements and other such ways. Tribulus Terrestris, protein powders and BCAA are some of the products that can boost your testosterone levels naturally.

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