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  1. Does your 120 palette smell like paint when you got it? I just purchased mine 2 days ago. I aired it out but it’s not going away

  2. I need help. I want to order a eye shadow palette from bh and I don't know if I should get the 88 matte or 88 shimmer. I'm a beginner so what would be best?

  3. I have a serious bargain cosmetic addiction of the last week or two. I already order from three different places for make up for discount prices. now I been seeing things about this site BH and ShopMissA and I feel like I need to buy because everything is great prices for great product …and I can't spend more money but I HAVEE TOOO. These videos are going to the death of me lmao

  4. I've been looking at that contour kit I was scared off as I'm very pale those pink's looked very dark but if they go on quite sheer I think I'll buy myself one to try now.your review has really helped thanks so much!

  5. it is best palette ever, i had mine since 2009 and still have just about all my colors, i have the 120 and the 88 but the colorful 88 palette!! =]

  6. I have the 120 1st edition pallete in my car,as well as a brush set,a kabku blush bronzer highlighter thing and a mystery suprise AS WELL as free shipping for only $28 its insane,anyone who is just starting a makeup collection should get this set!(or just wants to add to their collection!It has nude colors and your pops,all in diffrent shades for cheap! also the brush set gives you a lot and the blush set!as well as a mystery!I know where I will be shopping for my makeup!

  7. I purchased the contour kit, but was not so sure about it at first since its SO cheap. It works great! I use it in my vid, check it out if you can πŸ™‚

  8. you are so genuine. i feel like i am sitting right there with you… im so glad that you decided to make this video. so that tells you to follow your gut… this was great! i just bought these products and i want to know what to expect…. i like you !!!!! Thanks!!!

  9. I just found your videos, and I have to day that they are great! Im surprised to see that you dont have more subscribers, but a just gave you another one! XD

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