Skin Whitening tips

Over time, pollution and other factors cause our skin loses its natural tone, making it look sloppy, dull and with various shades that seem annoying stains. A very few people have healthy skin and most of the people have dry skin or oily skin. So here are some tips for clear skin and radiant look.
To lighten the skin you can apply with a cotton ball milk and let it work overnight, besides going hydrate your skin clearer.
Orange peels are great for skin whitening. Leave the skins dry in the sun, mash up into powder add milk and make a paste, apply and leave work for a few minutes, wash with warm water.
In the case of certain spots that appear on the face, you can apply hydrogen peroxide with a cotton swab and giving gentle taps on the same spot. This tip as you do at night before bedtime.
In the case of freckles, you can use, even if it seems a bit unusual, a little butter. Apply on freckles and leave on for 15 minutes. Then remove it and wash your face with water. Mind you, if you have oily skin is not advisable to use this tip.
Another tip is that you apply a mask before going to sleep, this is home and can prepare with ingredients that are sure to have in your refrigerator or pantry, you need for that Juice of 2 lemons, 1 / 2 cup milk, 2 tablespoons soybean meal. Mix all ingredients and apply your mixture on the face, leave for 20 minutes and then wash your face with a wet cotton, do not wash your face thoroughly with water.
Remember these tips are recommended for use at night and do not forget to use sunscreen when you go to prevent skin darkening again. The more consistent you are the better the results.
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