Integrity is Your Pathway to Happiness

In the American society, the goal is to acquire as much wealth as you can … it does not matter how you get it. Sure, if you are going to do something blatantly illegal, you will go to jail … yet, sometimes the American media encourages gaining success even through these acts. Granted, it's all in the realm of 'entertainment', but how much negative messaging can our subconscious mind take? True, maybe you will not rob a bank to get richer, but would you sell out a fellow employee to get a promotion? Would you cheat on your school assignment in hopes of passing the course? If you think about it, there are thousands of examples where people with 'normal' morals get tempted to act in a less-than-honest manner.

However, if you want true success in life, you need to act with integrity. What does this mean specifically? Well, one part of acting with integrity includes living in a moral way. To do this, you must have in a manner that leaves you with a clear conscience. If you can not look at yourself in the mirror after doing certain things, you probably did not act with integrity.

Yet, do not necessarily think that acting with integrity is 100% a battle against good and evil. This is because often society will consider certain behaviors 'moral', but in the eyes of the universe, they are truly immoral. Sometimes you may have to analyze your behaviors based on what or what they hurt.

Once you begin doing this, you will find that your life will be filled with much more happiness. Not only will you feel good about yourself, you will also encounter fewer problems with people. Why? Well, when you act with integrity, people feel that they can trust you more.

This is especially the case if you own a business, since too often companies engage in unethical behaviors. They think as long as they can get away with it, why not go on and do it. Enron is an example of such a company. Those involved with the scandal did not care about who was getting hurt in the process … all that mattered was that more money was going into their pocket. But in the end, who really lost? Now the company is bankrupt and has an extremely bad reputation.

Always do things with integrity and honesty. Do not take moral shortcuts, since these only lead to disaster. You may not see the interviews today, tomorrow or even 20 years from now, but you will see them, even if it's as simple as having a guilty conscience.

If you have issues with integrity and honesty, it might be because of a faulty belief system that was formed when you were just a child. Messages that were conveyed to you by your parents, teachers, even school friends could have had a profound impact on how you view the world and how you have towards your fellow men today.

Source by Andrea Rose Lucas