22 thoughts on “Peacock-Inspired Makeup Tutorial! & ColourPop GIVEAWAY!!”

  1. Hi, I absolutely love how your eyes turned out. I have been watching a lot of makeup tutorials and I noticed that some people leave their eyes for last. Is there any particular reason that you start with your eyes?

  2. New sub here! Love the pan porn! I don’t need the giveaway because I’m trying to use up my collection too. I just recently got into panning things and want to say I am so inspired you didn’t keep that for yourself. I LOVE my dream street collection and whomever wins will love it! I don’t have any of the other stuff but I’m living for that single shade 😍❤️ can’t wait to see more updates!

  3. Omg this video was amazing i love it. Its so good. Thanks so much for the giveaway oppurtunity. <3 Loving all products 🙂
    I think you should film haul, and makeup collections/tutorials.
    My instagram is @sweetlikeaflower 🙂

  4. Hurray a giveaway that is open to Canada!! Video idea is to do the blush tag if you haven't already. Danibo did it not too long ago and also the makeup and emotions tag (Danibo also did that tag). Email to contact me is Gravity_6@hotmail.com. so sorry that happened to you on FB. I've never heard of that logic that if you believe in C.F. it means you don't believe in human rights. I don't understand the logic and why believing in one means you exclude the other. Bottom line… continue to be you girl.

  5. a question for your project pan Q&A ❤ so I always wondered but in a project pan, would you use your product as you usually would or do you dig your brush in the pan and use generous amounts to hit pan faster🤔😆 IG is my preferred handle, username is coconut.barbie 😊💞🦄

  6. Loveddddd this eyelook! You inspire me to try it. I would love to enter your giveaway. A suggestion for upcoming videos can be challenge videos. Incase YouTube msging doesn't work this is my email nirvanahanooman21@gmail.com

  7. I don’t understand why they would think you’re anti-human rights just because you support animal rights. I mean why can’t you support more than one thing? Just because you highlight a specific issue doesn’t mean that you ignore or don’t care about other issues. I’m sorry you had to go through that 😢. People are so frustrating sometimes.

    Future video ideas??? I would love to see a video of 3-5 favorite makeup brands and why, and include tried and true products of that brand. It would also be cool to see a video dedicated to how you got into makeup—I.e. what makeup brand or product started it all for you?

    IG: tc_hope_tk

  8. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the Colourpop!! For an upcoming video how about a dressing room try on? or a what's in my shower video?

  9. Beautiful! #shadowgoals. What I would love to see is palette bingo! Also, an updated video on how to get started panning…I know you have an older video like it…but it would be great if you can add things you've learned since then! If I win you can contact me via email angelapennington82@gmail.com. Thanks again! Which liner brush were you using? I need a brush just like that!

  10. Love that blue! I have the Jaclyn Hill palette, so I might have to try this look!
    My Instagram is jasminelholmes. My project Pam question is, how do you have the self control not to just buy ALL the palettes?! 😂 Awesome giveaway!

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