Scar Repair Through Z-Plasty Cosmetic Surgery

A scar can be an unsightly mark to have on your body. It can greatly alter your appearance. Even if it is not too offensive, it can have a negative psychological effect on a person.

Do you have a scar on body that you would like to get rid of? Well, there is now a simple plastic surgery procedure that can improve a scar’s appearance. It is called z-plasty and it is used to accomplish scar revision, by changing the direction of a scar, breaking the line of a scar, or lengthening a scar to decrease contraction. These techniques are basically meant to realign a scar, and in so doing make it less visible and less unsightly.

Z-plasty is not effective on all kinds of scars. It is usually performed on scars that are linear and tight. Scars that are more complex, such as burn scars, hypertrophic or keloid scars, will require a different type of plastic surgery treatment, such as dermabrasion or other scar revision techniques.

Even though it is a plastic surgery procedure, z-plasty is often covered by medical insurance in cases where the scar was due to an injury or a surgery that was covered by insurance.

Z-plasty is a simple surgical procedure and it is usually not painful. In the procedure, you will first receive regional or local anesthetic. Then the plastic surgeon will make incisions creating two triangular flaps of skin, of equal size, that are then transposed. By transposing the flaps, the plastic surgeon is altering the direction of the original scar. The scar can be lengthened up to 75 percent and realigned in direction by up to 90 degrees, but those are only theoretical limits. In practice, the degree of reorientation tends to be smaller. The plastic surgeon will complete the z-plasty by suturing the flaps. The patient needs to return to have the sutures removed in 1 or 2 weeks.

If you are considering z-plasty surgery, ask to see before and after pictures of a similar type of scar, so you know what results you can expect.

Source by Joseph Ducat