Sleep Disorders That Need You to Consult a Sleep Specialist

Do you have trouble sleeping or having quality and enough sleep at night? You need to see a sleep specialist for you could have an underlying sleep disorder. Or your sleep routine is poor leading to poor sleep hygiene. Due to this fact, it is obvious that a person with a consistent sleep habit will be able to determine whether they are having a sleep disorder or are just sleep-deprived. After keeping a sleep diary and you still are unable to find a solution as to why you have poor sleep you can seek help from the professionals. A sleep specialist will be able to identify your sleep difficulties and advice further on how to improve your sleep quality. Some of the sleep disorders that make you tired throughout the day even with maximum hours of sleep. Plus, others that make you unable to perform regular daytime activities are listed here.


This is a very common sleep disorder among most people, especially in the current age. It could be brought about by many factors and can get worse by the day. There are some things to be on the lookout to know it’s time to see a specialist. For instance, lack of sleep for more than a fortnight; it is getting worse, or your day to day productivity is getting low every day. Hence, check through your type of lifestyle habits, health conditions and if there is a shift in some of the habits or when the health issue is treated it disappears. Stressful issues also provoke getting insomnia and lead to prolonging it and establishing it as part of your lifestyle. All in all, a sleep specialist will assist you to know the real cause and how by eliminating these habits you will be able to have better sleep.

Restless leg syndrome

This is another sleep disorder that calls for the attention of the specialist. It is common among the elderly and however much you have everything in order such as a good sleep environment, comfortable sleepys mattress, and great food it is a disorder that when it interferes with your sleep you should consult a specialist. However, when it is not a complicated case it does not disturb much as it is manageable. This syndrome when it interferes with your sleep quality and quantity. It will have a ripple effect at your work performance, normal home duties and in some cases, it can lead to anxiety and stress-related issues.

Sleep Apnea 

Sleep apnea is a disorder that many people have and most of them are unaware that they suffer from it. This is serious but it is easily treated with the help of a sleep specialist. When you wake up fatigued or feel that you are sleep deprived as much as you have slept for the average hours. It could be sleep apnea just that you are not aware of it. Therefore, with the help of a sleep specialist, you can discuss your sleep history and also teach you how to monitor your sleep by writing on a sleep diary to track your habits and sleep interruption intervals at night. There are many ways that by consulting a sleep specialist that you can get a treatment plan. Even though a polysomnogram id done whereby they study your sleep through the night.

Shift work 

Shift work is a default type of sleep disorder as to how certain types of work interfere with your sleep patterns due to the shifts that they have to carry out. Some of these jobs with unusual work hours are pilots, nurses, hospital interns among many other jobs. They affect by altering your natural circadian rhythm that helps your body to follow through a certain sleep routine. By having this alteration, it is advised that you see a sleep specialist who can guide you through to know how best to improve your sleep and get your body adjusted to a routine that works with you’re the type of shift work that you are doing.

Jet lag 

Jet lag is common among most people who fly a lot for various reasons. Although it is easy to free from the jet lag for most people. Others, especially those who are traveling consistently between different time zones tend to suffer from a jet lag sleep disorder. If by doing some few adjustments to your sleep schedule while you travel does not help. And you feel like it is a challenge to get off the effects of the jet lag. Consult a sleep specialist to find a remedy, especially if it is in line with your work or it worsens when you travel from time to time.


This type of sleep disorder is also known as daytime sleepiness. It has many characteristics to it and many people try to fight it not knowing that they are dealing with a sleep disorder. For instance, people who have hypersomnia do fall asleep while driving, struggle to stay awake when not active or even while reading or watching TV. Others tend to confuse this condition with napping thinking that their body just requires several naps in a day. This excessive sleepiness can lead to slowed responses, difficulty in controlling your emotions due to feeling groggy a lot. Hence it is important to talk to your doctor when you discover it is as if you have a bug on you.

To sum up, learn if you could have any of the above sleep disorders or you could be having trouble sleeping. It is important to keep track of your pattern of sleeplessness. Try keeping a sleep diary and this will help you discuss with your sleep doctor more on the fluctuating sleep pattern. Those suffering from insomnia since it is the most common it could be just insomnia or a symptom of another sleep disorder. Ensure that you improve your sleep hygiene by getting treated and getting into a routine that is consistent and improved lifestyle habits.

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