Star Wars Battlefront 2 – LEAKED CUSTOMIZATION Menu Shows Clone Trooper Legions and More!

A leaked customization menu within Star Wars Battlefront 2 shows off clone trooper customization, Rebel Alliance customization and more! This Star Wars Battlefront 2 news comes from uninspired_zeb…


25 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 2 – LEAKED CUSTOMIZATION Menu Shows Clone Trooper Legions and More!”

  1. It's exciting to know that DICE will be bringing customization options to Star Wars Battlefront 2 but the wait for it is unbearable! What kind of customization options do you guys want to see for all 3 eras in the game? I think they could do a lot but they just need to be careful with the Galactic Empire stormtroopers and stay true to Star Wars of course. 🙂

  2. I don’t think they should have different legions and battalions in the same match. They should allow customization of markings on the armor keeping with canon but allowing customization

  3. Can we get an update on this? I feel like this is such a wanted thing in the game, but no one seems to really ask about it! Ahhhh

  4. — Found a leak for Grievous —
    I was checking the files recently when I found a file called "GrievousAbilityUiMetaData"
    It contained "Ability1 Stun Slam", "Ability2 Saber Spin", "AureBushName BUZZ-SAW", "AureBushName GENERAL GRIEVOUS'S LIGHTSABERS", "AureBushName LIGHTSABER SPIN KILLSTREAK" , "AureBushName BUZZ-SAW DEFLECTION ACCURACY", "AureBushName BUZZ-SAW ACCELERATION" "AureBushName BUZZ-SAW STAMINA", "AureBushName INCREASED STUN SLAM DURATION" "AureBushName SUPER STUN SLAM" "TelemetryId Star Cards – 9".

    I also found 4 items that might be added to the loot boxes!
    UI/Data/LootBoxes/TestData/LootBoxContentTestData_Grievous_01 (File name was "OnlineItemTestDataSet)
    There are 4 items which most likely means there will be four Grievous themed items making it into the loot boxes.
    3 of the items/cards are common and the other one is rare.

    Hopefully, this information is useful. I found all of it inside of the game.

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