Ways to Relieve Gas Pain Fast

Having gas problems is a normal thing, but the Gas pain is something unbearable. Gas pain or gas odours are a natural process or natural streamline. Yes, sometimes it becomes an embarrassing moment and we desperately look for relieving gas pain be it through home remedies or via medication or medicines. Gas pain symptoms may seem very small but it can give rise to another disease as well. There is a number of ways where we can relieve gas pain in a faster way. But before that knowing the symptoms or causes is one of the most important things.

Understanding the symptoms of Gas pain is utmost important, it needs to be understood in a better manner.

Symptoms related to Gas pain are mentioned below:

  • Increase in the size of the abdomen.
  • Bloating of the abdomen.
  • Cramps and strain feeling in the abdomen or the required area.
  • Problems related to burping, although burping is considered as a normal syndrome
  • State of being to plumpness stage.
  • Feeling of cramps in the abdomen.

Causes with respect to Gas pain are mentioned below:

Gas pain is a disruptive health disorder; it can be caused because of various factors or sources like-

  • Presence of bacteria in the intestine (larger)– When we talk about intestine it is the large intestine because our stomach and the small intestine sometimes don’t accumulate certain carbohydrate and these left out carbohydrate pass on to the large intestine as a form of bacteria and these bacteria produce unwanted gas.
  • Accumulation of bacteria in the smaller intestine– the Excess amount of bacterial growth in smaller intestine produces gas which is not desired and these may lead to weight loss and another disease along with gas problems.
  • Discomfort in bowel movements– If you are facing problems in the passage of your bowel, it surely affects how gas travel to your intestine and it leads to bloating and gas pain.
  • Eating too much of carbohydrate– It is a condition where you feel bloating in your stomach and feels floated. Basically, fructose and lactose don’t churn out in our body very easily and cause immune disorder this accumulates gas and you are prone to gas pain more often.
  • List of foods, drinks etc that isresponsible for producing gas and causing pain at the earlier stage- There are certain food and drinks which are healthy but it produces an excess amount of carbohydrates that are responsible for gas problems. The foods like asparagus, artichokes, black beans, broccoli /Brussels or sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower kidney beans/navy beans /pinto beans, mushrooms etc. There are certain drinks like pear juice, it also generates a huge amount of carbohydrate. The people who are gym or fitness freak they opt for various supplementary drinks and protein, this may become a reason for gas pain.
  • Dehydrated- Dehydration is one of the reasons why we are occupied with Gas pain. When we drink less amount of water the food is not properly digested and it gives rise to pain.

After knowing the causes that are responsible for Gas pain, now it is important to understand the ways where we can get relief from Gas pain. Often it is caused by what we eat.

Ways of getting relief from Gas pain

  • Changing of food style and eating habits– More often we get health problems because of our eating habits, eating lots and lots of carbohydrate, supplementary drinks and going on frequent diets, if you are having gas related problems and gas pain we should change our diet plan and in taking those fruits and vegetables which repel gas.
  • Exercise, yoga and meditation– These are most powerful remedies, physical work out and early morning yoga and meditation not only make your day fresh but brings healthy changes in your lifestyle which helps in getting rid of gas pains.
  • Switch to lactase supplements- There are individuals who cannot digest sugar related foods or sugar. Their body system cannot break down the sugars and sugar gets churn into the body and accumulates, as a result, it produces gas and people struggle with pain (gas pains). Switching to lactose supplements will break down the sugar eatables and make your body free from bloating which will reduce the amount of gas generation along with lessening the pain with respect to gas.
  • Practice eating cloves- Cloves do have n number of usefulness.Eating cloves is a remedy with ease; it is available in every household. It is also used while cooking, as it generates digestive enzymes: It makes an individual get rid of bloating and fluctuation in abdominal size. As a result, a person gets rid of gas-related pain and prevention from other gastric or acidity issues.
  • Chamomile drink or Chamomile Tea-About 90 per cent of Indians are tea or coffee addicted, but we can make our habit into the healthy habit and can switch to chamomile drinks or chamomile tea. It helps in getting rid of trapped gas and makes our digestive system clear. As a result, we don’t need to worry about the gas pain.
  • Understanding the correct posture of eating (How to eat) –Being living in a busy and automated world, we hardly take time and eat peacefully. When we are in hurry we never chew food which remains undigested and produce bacteria and those bacteria churn down in the intestine and produce unwanted gas along with pain. So, it is recommended to eat slowly with proper chewing of the eatable and food items.


 Having a gastric problem is not ok, as small symptoms or diseases if avoided give rise or welcomes other diseases. Getting relief from gas pain is not so difficult if we know the right medication or the right way.


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