What Can Cause Pale Stool or Clay-Colored Stool?

 Change in stool color and fluctuation in stool constraint is very rare and uncommon. Change in color of stool can arise or attract more infectious factors in the digestive system.   Diseases, no doubt are part and parcel of life. But it should not be ignored. It is a discomfort to our whole body system. We must immune our body in such a way that t can fight back all types disorders and protect us from various bacteria and diseases. Sometimes some diseases are not treated because we don’t understand symptom and cause. Change in stool color is again an unnoticed disease and we often ignore it. But sometimes stool color changes pale or clay- colored stool. Cause of pale stool or clay-colored stool can be due to various factors or sources.

Be it any disease its cause, symptoms, treatment, and prevention is utmost important only if you understand the cause, you can treat and reduce the disease.

Symptoms for Pale Stool or Clay-Colored stool

There are can be various symptoms for a pale stool or clay-colored stool which are listed below:

  • Facing problems in your biliary system.
  • Factors or problems related to constipation.
  • Weakness and body pain.
  • Loss of weight.
  • Unwillingness to eat.
  • Chronic Hepatitis.

Causes of pale Stool or clay-colored Stool

There are ‘n’ numbers of causes which are listed below responsible for causes of pale stool or clay-colored stool:

  • Issues in the liver or Billary system-Every part of our body is inter-liked or interconnected. The liver and biliary system are sensitive organs of the body attached to the food habits and are related to the digestive tract. The biliary system is the drain tract for liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. Biles is accumulated in the liver and are passed to the gallbladder and are again sent to the intestines (especially the smaller intestine) with respect to the food what we eat and the bile produce stool in brown color: which is a normal process. But in case the ducts (Bile ducts) passage has become a hindrance for the bile to pass through or is blocked. The color of the stool changes and becomes either pale stool or clay- color stool.
  • Alcohol or smoke Addiction– If an individual or a person is alcohol addict and is over-exposed to alcoholic drinks, or smoking of cigarettes or any other bad habits can cause liver and other organs related problem. As because the cigarette’s smoke inhaled cause and attract a variety of disease and alcohol churns down the body and its organs, which results in fluctuation of bile and which results in fluctuation of bile generation and makes the stool color light and turns it into pale or clay color. So, it is highly recommended not to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes, as it not only gives rise to bile ducts blockage or bile duct related problem but other health issues as well.
  • Biliary cirrhosis- Biliary cirrhosis is a type of disorder occurs when bile ducts are damaged and the ducts are incapable of producing or generation of the required amount of bile. Bile ducts can damage the liver constraints and this can lead to failure of the liver as well. It slowly builds up the infection and attracts bacteria and virus to the liver. It enlarges the veins and pumps up the liver.
  • Hereditary Disease or By- Born disease– There are two (2) types of disease one is hereditary that is by birth other is acquired from the surrounding. The person who is born by defect having the certain digestive disorder or bile disorder may lead to change in color of the stool: stool color may be lightened to clay color or pale yellow.
  • Problem Related to cysts- Cysts acts like parasites that create their own house in our body system. Cysts can occur in any part of our body and create a hindrance for normal body process and may lead to other disruptive disorder as well. When the cyst is formed or occurred in the passage with respect to bile, it blocks the drainage from the bile duct and the stool turns out to be the different color than usual color like a pale in color or clay in color.
  • Appendix or Gallstones- While the treatment of Gallbladder stones or appendix acquires and deposits more amount calcium, these calcium deposits block the drainage of bile ducts that creates a problem in formation of bile, even if the bile formed the color changes from the usual color and turns out to be clay color or pale color. Blockage in the bile ducts may create other digestive and liver disorders and causing certain other health-related problems.
  • Infection-related to the liver- Liver infection is always dangerous, it not only affects the liver but also gives rise to many other health disorders like jaundice etc. If the liver is infected the bile passed is in pale or clay color.
  • Overdosage of medicines or side effects of medication- Sometimes taking or consuming supplements or certain other medicines may give steroid problems along with liver and bile duct related problems. This may change the color of the stool into clay or pale color.


The change in color of stool into pale or clay color is not a common or normal thing, it shouldn’t be avoided. If the problem persists for more than approximately a day or a two, you should consult a doctor and go for certain medication along with yoga, exercise, and meditation. Like meditation, yoga or exercise immunes our body and cleans our digestive system and strengths the organs or different parts of our body. This can reduce the cause of changing the stool color into pale or clay color, whereas stool needs to be accumulated in normal color. The cause of change in stool color may happen because of the rapid change in food habits/ style.

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